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Trustee, Cerritos College

Dr. Salazar was elected to the Cerritos Community College Board of Trustees in 2012, in order to build an environment of innovative collaboration, transparency and accountability during the so-called trigger cuts, legislative budget cuts that immediately impacted the community college system.  Dr. Salazar has always believed in the youth, in working class families and access to career pathways that lead to the middle class.  She continues to help guide the future of Cerritos College students, staff and faculty.

Dr. Salazar decided to run for Cerritos College Board of Trustees after learaning that an article published in the LCCN exposed several board members for “cashing out” on their medical benefits. The question of accountability and transparency was raised by many concerned citizens who live and work in the communities served by Cerritos College.

After winning Seat #6, Dr. Salazar was responsible for the areas including Norwalk, Santa Fe Springs, Artesia and Cerritos. She has since been re-elected, in 2016, and “wants to ensure that all Cerritos College Students have the same opportunities that [she] was fortunate enough to receive”.

Sandra is a great benefit to her community because of her ability to get right down with the people, while at the same time elevate to lead.  She is a pleasure to work with and a true caring soul.

Douglas Ruiz

President, DIGITALIA

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